Shannon (born August 15, 1963) is an alter-ego of Michael. After being frequently referred to in Michael's vlogs, she appeared in a skit released around Christmas 2016 due to Michael receiving thousands of likes to dress up as Shannon.


She is portrayed as a woman who goes overboard on the holidays with home decorations, outfits, and personality. She is the epitome of a middle class woman, seemingly unaware of modern things such as video games. She really loves to make her special 1993 cookies as well as be sweet towards everybody, however, she does not like the use of inappropriate language. She will also be very defensive and smack your hand away if someone tries to eat the cookie batter she is making for cookies. Shannon has shown to be very resourceful when it comes to providing refreshments. After discovering that she is out of milk, she quickly resorts to using eggnog, one of her favorite drinks. Shannon seems unfamiliar with the internet, as she thinks that Bridgette is taking a photo of her when she is actually recording. She claims to be friends with Angry Grandpa. Shannon met her husband-to-be Hank in 1982.

Visit to Grandpa's


Shannon herself decided to pay Angry Grandpa a visit, much to Bridgette's request. When Shannon lets herself in, the grandsons look at her surprised to see "Shannon". Shannon then goes to see Grandpa, who is stunned to see her as well. As Shannon started to give Grandpa a welcoming hug, he tells her to get away. Shannon suddenly picks up some PlayStation VR goggles and asked what they are, while at the same time Grandpa asks "Shannon" what she's doing. Grandpa has suddenly thought that Shannon has lost her mind, to which Shannon begins to start seducing him. Shannon then tells Grandpa his fingernails are filthy and that he needs to stop smoking. She smacks Grandpa's hand when he reaches for a cigarette, which Grandpa replies by threatening that if she smacks his hand again he'll slap the piss out of her. Shannon then decides to not be herself by saying "She knows her shit.". She observes the goggles and thinks Grandpa's eyes have gone so bad, he needs special glasses. Grandpa tells Shannon to take herself down the street. Shannon then reveals herself to be an alter-ego. Grandpa then tells Shannon to go get Charlie as an idea to creep him out. Shannon then goes to Charlie's room and greets herself with Charlie laughing. Shannon is then excited to see the laser lights on the ceiling and is mesmerized about how she can see them as stars. He asks her what is she wearing. Shannon replies by saying that she knew Charlie was looking for a girlfriend while Shannon wanted an affair with another man. While Shannon tried to be sexy, her weight shifted the bed, causing Charlie to bust out laughing. Shannon apologizes for moving it, explaining that her skills in bed would show what happens to the bed. Shannon says that she also doesn't need mistletoe's and Charlie says she has camel toes. Shannon sits on the bed from the insult and turns back to her alter-ego explaining why Shannon is here. Charlie then says he likes Shannon, but needs to shave, even though she did. Shannon asks Charlie if she wants to party with her, causing Grandpa to tell her to come back in the dining room. Shannon also says she can still get pregnant, which causes a mass of laughter. Shannon seductively picks up something at the door for Charlie, which disgusts him and tells her he can see her "Christmas balls". Shannon slams the door in rage. Grandpa is still sitting in the dining room with a knife embedded on the table threatening Shannon with it. Shannon removes her hair saying she is done.


In late September of 2017, Bridgette started the Twitter Hashtag "#VerifiedShannon" where Twitter users would add a pumpkin emoji (🎃) to the end of their Twitter names and Tweeting "#VerifiedShannon". Michael and Bridgette also followed some users with the hashtag and emoji in their name. The hashtag was supposed to represent how Verified Twitter users would have a Checkmark beside their names, so Bridgette did a spin on that with a Shannon feel to it, creating the hashtag.

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