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Shannonwood of Moncks Corner is a trailer park located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, about 30 minutes from Trailwood. It was believed that Grandpa had moved into Shannonwood, but he actually moved into Creekside of Summerville, another trailer park, thanks to the help of ARC. They managed to help the residents of Trailwood after the eviction by giving former Trailwood residents 3 months rent free and a 4 year lease.


  • Much smaller than Trailwood.
  • Was one of the trailer parks that Grandpa looked into after his eviction from Trailwood following Boeing's Purchase of the park
  • Owned by ARC, who placed him into Creekside due to not having any open trailers at the time.
  • Grandpa enjoyed the trailer park as it is a nice place for children to grow up, and is well maintained like Creekside.


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