"It's safe to say Grandpa isn't a fan of Apple's virtual assistant Siri after she gives him directions to the wrong place!"
— Description

Siri Gets Grandpa Lost! is an episode of TheAngryGrandpaShow uploaded to the channel on January 6, 2013. In the video, Grandpa is given spurious directions to a RadioShack by virtual assistant Siri. It has 1.4 million views as of July 2018, and generally positive reviews.



Grandpa is cleaning the bathroom, as he has nothing else to do because Time Warner Cable took away his cable & internet. He decides to buy an antenna at RadioShack. While in the car, Michael uses Siri to get directions to a RadioShack. However, the directions lead Grandpa to an suburban neighborhood. He finds himself driving in circles through the cul-de-sac, as he becomes more enraged. Siri continues to give Michael the wrong directions, as Grandpa eventually gets back on the main road. He decides to check Plenty Of Fish on his phone, not paying attention to driving, causing Michael to freak out. Having wasted his time, Grandpa decides not to buy an antenna, and the video ends with him getting gas at a station.

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