Outside of the Substation II.

The Substation II is one of Angry Grandpa's, Michael's, Bridgette's, and Michelle's favorite places to buy and eat sub sandwiches.


  • Angry Grandpa, Michael, and Bridgette have met a few different fans of The Angry Grandpa Show here.
  • Angry Grandpa likes the #19, which has a lot of meat, cheese and mayonnaise.
  • Michael, Bridgette, and Michelle like the #5, which has turkey, cheese, and possibly ham.
  • Michael and Bridgette were going to take Angry Grandpa to Substation II on Easter Sunday 2012, but they told him that they were taking him to a nursing home instead as a prank.
  • The Substation II is owned by Derrick Mims.
  • Angry Grandpa participated in a Toys for Tots event partnered together with Substation II in 2013 and 2015.
  • Michelle had several attempts at seducing Derrick.
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