THE CAT FOOD BURRITO! (Vomit Alert!) is a prank video uploaded in TheAngryGrandpaShow on August 17, 2014, but the video was removed. The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.



The video was flagged for violating YouTube's policies.


A video shows Michael pranks Grandpa into eating two Taco Bell burritos packed with cat food causing Grandpa barf twice (into the sink after eating the first one and into a dishtowel after eating the second one). When Michael confesses both burritos had cat food in them, Grandpa gets really angry and the video ends with him chasing Michael halfway around the inside of his trailer with a taser which he received in the mail.


The thumbnail of the aftermath video, which was not removed yet.


  • The video was removed approximately 4 hours after being uploaded after it was flagged for violating YouTube's policies (possibly because it involved Grandpa barfing twice).
  • The original link of the video.
  • There is also aftermath of the video.
  • They also make the cat food burrito in the vlog.
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