"Grandpa attempts the condom challenge but finds himself getting pranked with fake blood in the process!!"
— Description

THE CONDOM CHALLENGE PRANK is a video where Bridgette and Pickleboy attempt to drop a water-filled condom on Angry Grandpa's face without it exploding. The video was uploaded on December 1, 2015 and has over 12 million views. It also has over 100,000 likes.


Angry Grandpa




Pickleboy opens the video while outside holding a water-filled condom, stating that many viewers have commented to do this challenge. The first condom that Pickleboy drops goes through Angry Grandpa's head, but then pops as the impact was too great. Angry Grandpa grunts. They do it once more, only to fail. The third one splashes immediately on impact followed by another Angry Grandpa grunt. The popped condom gets stuck on Angry Grandpa's face, where Pickleboy must remove it.

Now the fourth attempt is successful, and Pickleboy helps Angry Grandpa get the condom out. A slo-mo replay happens showing the impact. Pickleboy lies and says that Bridgette forgot to record the whole thing and that they had to do the whole thing over again. Angry Grandpa says that they have one more chance. Pickleboy fills the next condom up with fake blood and water. When he drops the condom onto Angry Grandpa, he once again succeeds, but because he had his eyes closed, Angry Grandpa did not know this condom was full of fake blood. Attempting to get the condom off, it explodes and gets all over Angry Grandpa's shirt and his "Go to Hell" Suspenders. Bridgette and Pickleboy laugh as he thinks that he is bleeding.


  • This is the first known main appearance of Angry Grandpa's "Go to Hell" Suspenders
  • Three days after this video was uploaded, a video entitled THE CONDOM CHALLENGE FAIL aired where Angry Grandpa drops the water-filled condoms onto Pickleboy.
  • Angry Grandpa does not throw a fit by destroying random objects throughout this whole video. He only complains and swears some.
  • The video seems to have been privated, or unlisted, as it only exists in Youtube playlists.
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