"Today, we do the corn on a drill challenge that takes a surprising turn when Pickleboy flips it into a prank. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!"
— Description

THE CORN ON A DRILL CHALLENGE (PRANK!) is a video where Angry Grandpa ,Pickleboy, and Charles do the corn on a drill challenge. The video was uploaded on May 22, 2016 by TheAngryGrandpaShow and has close to 500,000 views as of May 2016.


Angry Grandpa





Angry Grandpa is seen cooking up corn and decides to grab it out of the pot, against Michael's recommendation to let it cool down. He picks it up and immediately drops it onto the floor, but picks it up and in a hot potato way of holding the corn, takes it to the sink to cool it down. He then takes a drill and drills into the cob. He decides to (use too much) put salt in his corn as well as drill it into some butter. He starts to spin the corn into his mouth, getting nothing but butter, which causes him to slam his drill on the counter, thinking getting more butter will be the solution (which is not). Charles decides to try it, but the drill bit is spinning onto the corn, making it not work. Grandpa takes a fork, goes outside and grinds it down into an unholy drill bit. Charles tries again but the moment it started to spin, the corn flew off, nearly impaling the grinded up fork bit into his face, causing him to not do the challenge anymore. Charles says this is the most dangerous thing his dad has made. Grandpa tries once more, but only causes butter to fly everywhere. Michael has had enough and decides to prank them. He puts fake blood into his mouth and spins the corn, causing fake blood to go everywhere. The family starts to panic, and tells Bridgette to call 911 and to stop filming. Michael starts to laugh and Charles is highly annoyed while his dad is angry to where he takes the fork drill bit towards his face, causing him to scream and apologize.


  • This is possibly a debut to a new weapon, the fork drill bit, as it spins incredibly fast and is VERY sharp.


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