"Tina returns to take the tin can challenge w/ Angry Grandpa but it turns into a prank backfire when they crack open a rotten can of Surströmming!!! (VOMIT ALERT!!)"
— Description

THE TIN CAN CHALLENGE PRANK!![1] is a prank uploaded to the TheAngryGrandpaShow channel in April 2016.

This video was taken down, probably due to YouTube's guidelines about the large amount of vomiting in the video and recent trouble with Tina. However, this video has been re-uploaded by a fan.

Link to the re-uploaded video:



Angry Grandpa, his friend Tina, and Charlie do the Tin Can Challenge that results in a massive vomit fest.

Challenge results

Challenger Can number Canned item Reaction
Charles 1 Fish Threw up when he first smelled it.
Tina 15 Wienies Unable to take a bite without gagging.
Angry Grandpa 13 Pineapples Enjoyed it.
Charles 7 Coconut Milk Was able to drink it, said it was ok.
Tina 6 Spam Unable to eat without gagging. Had to get bag.
Angry Grandpa 3 Peaches Enjoyed it.
Charles 17 Yams Enjoyed it.
Tina 11 Lining of cow's Stomach Gagged on the first bite. Had to get up and get mouthwash.
Angry Grandpa 16 (91 to AGP) Corn Enjoyed it.
Charles 4 Cheeseburger in a can Threw up in bag.
Tina 4 Cheeseburger in a can Tried it, and spit it out after taking a bite for a few seconds.
Angry Grandpa 2 Cake in a can Enjoyed it.
Tina 2 Cake in a can Tried it and enjoyed it.
Charles 5 Dog food Gagged on first bite.
Tina 18 Surströmming Freaked out at the sight of it. Aroma caused everybody to gag and throw up all over the house.


  • This episode features the most vomiting. Most of it is blurred due to YouTube's guidelines.
  • Tina is seen vomiting for the first time.
  • This is the second time Surströmming has made an appearance.
  • Cans 8, 9 ,10, 12, and 14 were never used in the video.
  • There's an assumption that Grandpa cheated since he got all the good foods. Charles however assumes it's just luck.
  • This was one of the videos that was removed after the fight with Tina.
  • Even though it was deleted a re upload has surfaced on YouTube.
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