"Grandpa has Tina perform an intervention on Charlie over his video game addiction when it spirals out of control, nearly coming to blows!"
— Description

The Video Game Intervention is a video posted on July 1st, 2016 on TheAngryGrandpaShow. As of July 2016 it has over 635,000 views. Unfortunately, the video was taken down, but was re-uploaded


The video begins with Angry Grandpa and Tina Dandridge getting ready to begin intervening Charlie. In the background, Charlie is ranting about his video game, when Angry Grandpa tells Pickleboy that he is scared of his own son. When Tina, Angry Grandpa, Pickleboy and Bridgette (with the camera) come into his room, Charlie is seen playing GTA 5 on his PS4. Tina begins yelling at Charlie telling him that he has Angry Grandpa scared in his own home due to his video games. After several back and forth rounds of the two arguing about turning the game off, Tina picks up the TV causing the PS4 to drop and lose its panels. She flips his bed and knocks over the tables.

Tina continues to shout "Scare me!" at Charlie, which motivates him to throw a box of trading cards at her feet. Angry Grandpa finally tells her that it is enough and exit the bedroom. Charlie tells Pickleboy and Bridgette that he threatens to take Tina back to the trailer park. However, Tina overhears what Charlie said and questions him, receiving a reminder that he himself came from the same trailer park. After some "cooling down" from Angry Grandpa, Tina eventually stops throwing the fit at Charlie. 

Charlie admits that Tina is in the trailer park and things almost blow. The video finishes with Michael and Charlie observing the damage of the PS4 and Michael apologizing for the incident.


Bridgette West


Charlie Green 

Angry Grandpa

Tina Dandridge

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