"Michael pranks Grandpa into believing a zombie apocalypse is happening."
— Description

THE WALKING DEAD PRANK![1] is a prank uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on October 12, 2014


Michael makes angry grandpa think the dead have risen and are all over the neighbourhood and usa



  • This episode is based on The Walking Dead.
  • This prank has the most people involved on TheAngryGrandpaShow.
  • Grandpa got his revenge for this prank in GRANDPA'S GOT EBOLA! (PRANK) later that month on October 30th 2014 to be exact.
  • A male kid can be seen wearing a Minions shirt from Despicable Me.
  • The notorious Emergency Alert System (EAS) tones can be heard in a faux warning Michael made about the fake zombie invasion. The EAS Tones are widely feared by the general public for its unpleasantness to the human ear.
  • This video used to be the most watched Angry Grandpa video with over 11 million views until "ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS PS4!", a video where Grandpa destroys Pickleboy's PS4 over Christmas cookies, beat it and became the most watched video.
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