THE Y2K STORY[1] is a video uploaded by KidBehindACamera on June 19, 2014. It tells the story about how the world, but especially Angry Grandpa, freaked out about the "end of the world" right after the year 1999 ended.


To make a long story short, here's a short explanation of "Y2K";

During the early developement of computers, it's data storage was quite expensive to produce so to save money, they decided to implement 2 numbers of the years they would live in instead of 4 numbers (for example: 1991 would become '91, 1992 would become '92, etc.). However, when 1999 ('99) was about to end, they would enter the year 2000 ('00) (Y2K is an abbreviation:

  • Y stands for Year
  • 2 is the first number of the year in question
  • K stands for kilo (x1000), which means it just says "(The) Year 2000")

Many people were afraid that since '00 stood for nothing, it would mean that no eletronic device would still work when they would enter the year 2000, thus they would go back in time many, many years, living like people from the 1800's. Fortunately, it was just fear for nothing, as every electronic device still on and after January 1, 2000.


1999 wasn't a good year for the Green family; Grandpa's mother, Dorothy Green was diagnosed with colon cancer on Thanksgiving Day of that year. Exactly one month later, on Christmas Morning 1999, Dorothy Mae Green passed away. As she was his best friend, Grandpa was nothing but devestated after he found out she died. Michael also noticed that, as Grandpa wasn't smiling or even talking the days after. Michael then decided (or tried) to light up the mood by pranking Grandpa the world would end due to the Y2K problem (Earlier in 1999, Grandpa, like many other people, believed the world was going to end and decided to prepare him and his family for the worst as best as he could).

On December 31, 1999, just before midnight, the Green family was watching the Times Square Ball droping, except for Michael, who was standing in the laundry room to cut off the power breaker. Right after it became January 1, 2000, Michael cut off the power breaker, causing Grandpa to flip out. Grandpa was running through the living room in panic, stating that "Jesus is coming" and the "Goddamn computers stopped working". After Michael turned on the power again, Grandpa discovers it's a prank, making him so mad that he made such a face like never seen before. Grandpa became so mad at Michael, that he goes on a rampage and destroyed the front glass door. It took him three days later to talk to Michael again.

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