Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco Review is a video uploaded on KidBehindACamera on March 6, 2013. In this video, Michael reviews the new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco at Taco Bell the day before it comes out. The video has about 250,000 views as on May 2018.



The video starts off with Michael saying about how he got the taco 1 day before it comes out. Then he starts eating it. And as he eats it, he moans a lot. He says it's delicious. When he finishes his taco, he then steals Bridgette's taco. Bridgette then says she will take Pickleboy's Mountain Dew and throw it away. About 10 minutes later, Michael then gets frustrated about how Taco Bell forgot his chalupas and how the taco didn't taste good at all, and how the taco has no flavor. Then, the video ends off with Pickleboy leaving the room and telling Bridgette to get the camera of out his face.  


The video has gained mostly negative reviews. Many people were saying how he eats with his mouth open and chews loud. Some other people were mad about how he roots and steals Bridgette's taco, and then says the taco is bad later in the video.

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