The Angry Grandpa was a collection of unreleased videos, sold on DVD and Blu-ray in 2010 and distributed by Brookhill Productions. Due to high costs, release on Blu-ray was discontinued in November 2010. DVD followed at an unknown later point.[1] It was sold on the now closed Angry Grandpa website.


The Garbage Hot Dog

Grandpa is on the search for a hot dog he bought, but can not find it. While looking in his room, Michael and Bridgette recover the hot dog from the trash and give it to Grandpa with him not knowing where it has been. The prank proves to be successful after Grandpa eats the hot dog and shortly after throws up due to the foul taste.[2]

Self Toe Surgery 2

The three-minute-video depicts Grandpa violently removing ingrown toenails from his right foot.

Bug Spray Shower Prank

While Grandpa takes a shower with his wife Tina, Michael and Bridgette spray them with bug spray. Upon notice, grandpa threatens to molest Michael with a dildo.

Grandma vs Grandpa 1&2

As Tina arrives at the trailer, she notices that a picture of Elvis Presley, that has been hanging on the wall, is missing. She immediately confronts Grandpa, suspecting he threw it away, which turns out to be true. They have an argument in the kitchen, during which Tina smacks Grandpa with a broom and Grandpa, in return, pours flower all over Tina.

Corned Beef Bash 1&2

The first part opens up similarly to the famous kitchen-destruction-video, with Grandpa searching for his corned beef hash, destroying kitchen utensils in the process. After Michael reveals to Grandpa that Tina had given it to the cats, Grandpa gets mad and destroys even more stuff. Grandpa can be seen cleaning his mess up in the second part.

Grandma's Homecoming

In the short video, Grandpa and Tina argue about Tina going to New York. Grandpa claims to have given Tina money for a bus ticket, which she denies. The argument ends up in a fight, with Tina spilling water on him and Grandpa smashing the blinds to the bathroom.

Brookhill Productions scam

In a video uploaded to the TheAngryGrandpaShow channel in May 2011, Grandpa adresses the fact that England-based DVD distributor Brookhill Productions, or more specifically Matt Smith, ripped him off to the point when there was no money left for paying the light bill, causing him to sit in the dark for a few days. Neither Michael nor Grandpa went into specifics about the case.[3]


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