The Annihilator ready to be used.


The Annihilator is a crowbar that is Angry Grandpa's primary weapon in causing destruction.  The crowbar made it's debut in Angry Grandpa's vlog after he took out Michael's HD TV.  It's mostly used to threaten others, but it has been used mostly for the Shed [1] due to a stench by cats inside and the Dryer [2] after a prank by Michael saying Bridgette was pregnant. It has made quite a few appearances in some videos with Angry Grandpa.



Used on the table.


Used on the Shed


Used on the Dryer

The Annihilator is a very powerful weapon in the hands of a madman. It is capable of destroying furniture, appliances, and even metal walls in a snap. Michael has said to be heavy, as he can't smash anything with it unlike Grandpa.


  • The Annihilator retired near the early Autumn of 2012. Angry Grandpa placed it up for sale for his fans, signed by him. The Annihilator sold for about $275.
  • The Annihilator has returned.  It's guessed that Angry Grandpa bought another one.
  • It could have been a tool used by Angry Grandpa to discipline his children back when they were kids.
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