"Grandpa is tricked into believing he's been buried alive when he suddenly wakes up in the confines of a makeshift coffin..."
— Description

The Buried Alive Prank is a prank uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on October 20, 2013


In this video, Michael and Bridgette are pranking AGP into thinking he's been buried alive by putting an old cardboard box over him. They failed the first try since he coughed, woke up and noticed Michael in his bedroom. Michael came up with an excuse that he had lost something and was searching AGP's house. After the first failed attempt, Michael and Bridgette discussed a bit in the kitchen of how they were going to do this prank without AGP noticing them putting the box over him. After a bit of waiting, AGP fell asleep again and they made a second try. They struggled a bit with the planning and strategy altough this time they successfully placed the cardboard box over him without waking him up. When they successfully placed the box over AGP, they placed a camera inside the box with him to be able to film him as much as possible. Michael then knocked on the box, waking AGP up and had him freak out. Michael put some force on the box, so AGP couldn't knock it away easily. When he managed to pull away the box from himself, the room lights turned on and the prank was over. AGP was pissed off and put the box over Michael instead as a revenge, causing him to freak out instead. Soon before the video ends, AGP was pissed and screamed at Michael and told him to leave and take the box with him. Michael then asked if he could come over the next day for food and AGP's response was a loud and clear "NOOOOOOOO!!!! GO!!!!". After those screams, the video ended.


  • Angry Grandpa
  • Michael Green
  • Bridgette West


  • The cardboard box is from Bissell and a vacuum cleaner.
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