"Grandpa tells a story from his childhood.." - Video Description

The Confederate Soldier is a story video uploaded to the GrandpasCorner channel in October 2013. Grandpa tells the tale of a time in his childhood when he witnessed the ghost of a Confederate Soldier standing behind a Civil War cannon.


Angry Grandpa and Michael are walking through a field at Fort Sumter, a historic Civil War battle site where the Confederates bombarded the Union. Grandpa is very agitated and wants to go home, but Michael reminds him that he had a vlog to do here. Mike soon finds out that Grandpa had called a cab to pick him up, and that the cab had just arrived, much to Grandpa's happiness. Michael still insists that Grandpa stay and finish the vlog. He eventually agrees before remarking that Michael 'F**ks him every chance he gets' and that he lost his flashlight. Michael again asks him what the point of the vlog was, to which Grandpa sarcastically responded by beginning to tell the tale of three blind mice. Michael asks Grandpa to be serious. Grandpa then stops at a Civil War Cannon. He begins to finally tell Michael his story. He begins to tell the tale to the camera, starting at the beginning, when he was around 9 or 10 years old and his parents took him to the fort. Young Grandpa was running down the field when he saw a man in a confederate uniform standing behind a cannon with a match in his hand, turning back and forth as if he was going to fire the cannon. Assuming it was some kind of Re-enactment, he told his father that they were having a war over there, to which his father was confused and informed him that there was no such thing happening. When Grandpa took his father to see the soldier, the man was gone from sight. Grandpa's father began asking people if there were actors walking around or something, but everybody responded with a no, until one little old man came to Grandpa and his father, and informed them that Grandpa had seen private Jones, a Confederate Soldier that died after a cannon blew up on him, and that every night you can see him at the cannon, almost as though he were ready to attack the fort again. He closes the story by informing the audience that it was true, and asked Michael if he could go home now. The video ends with Grandpa putting a cigarette in his mouth and asking Michael again if he can go home.


  • Many people think that this story is fake due to The fact that this is the second ghost story in which the ghost's name was Jones. The fact is, Jones is a very popular american surname, the 5th most common to be exact. The fact that both Private Jones and old Mr. Jones (The Man in the Blue Suit) are both named Jones is most likely a coincidence.
  • Private Thomas G. Jones was an actual Confederate soldier, which proves that this story is true, however he didn't die by a cannon. In fact, the only lives that were lost in the attack on Fort Sumter were a horse and a few fleeing Union soldiers. No confederate lives were lost during the battle.
  • It is presumed that Grandpa was actually scared of the ghost during this story, as he was very agitated and wanted to leave the fort and go home as soon as possible, forgetting the reason he even wanted to do a vlog there.
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