The Devil of Michael Green made a few minor appearances in McJuggerNuggets videos and some of KidBehindACamera's vlogs. It seems when Michael puts on the necklace he is more angrier and more violent


In, McJuggerNuggets video titled: McJuggerNuggets Destroys Angry Grandpa's Ashes, Jesse (Who is in the form of his Devil) gives a necklace to Michael and says that it is Angry Grandpa embedded into a necklace. However, a few months later in April 2019, Jesse snaps Michael into his new house, and when Jesse asks where Michael's Necklace is Michael stats that he doesn't know and he says he possibly threw it away or lost it, however on June 29, 2019. Michael made a video titled: The Truth About Tina, where he can be seen wearing the same necklace. Currently, Michael has abandoned him


  • It is possible that The Devil, at some point possessed Charlie Green's body, as after Charlie's LSD Incident he is still harassing and bullying people online


  • McJuggerNuggets Destroys Angry Grandpa's Ashes (Debut Appearance) (McJuggerNuggets Video)
  • The Most Haunted Reviewed Places In The City (BigBrudda Video)
  • I Spent 24 Hours Overnight in KidBehindACamera's Attic & It Was A Bad Idea (Jeff Saxton Vlogs Video) (Off-Screen Appearance)
  • Bridgette Kicks Out McJuggerNuggets
  • McJuggerNuggets Moves Out Of KidBehindACamera's House (McJuggerNuggets Video)
  • The House Is Haunted (BigBrudda Video)
  • Pause Challenge With McJuggerNuggets For 24 Hours **Horrible Idea** (Jeff Saxton Vlogs Video)
  • Breaking Up With McJuggerNuggets
  • Really Bad News
  • Jennifer Was Arrested
  • Why Jennifer Was Arrested (Part Two)
  • The Truth About Tina
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