The Hag is a violent, homicidal ghost whom Angry Grandpa fears.


According to Grandpa, the hag jumps on people and makes them unable to move or breathe, eventually killing the person. He says that the hag had jumped on him four times in his life, in one instance even during his sleep. "She's" described as fat and ugly with large zits and long, sharp teeth. One can only escape her grip by cussing at her, as Grandpa explains in a video uploaded to GrandpasCorner. Grandpa paid a woman called Mary to get rid of the hag after it had attacked him during his sleep, however, she never showed up. Not only Grandpa, but also his parents believed in the hag. Michael deems it to be a myth.


  • In a video called Angry Grandpa HATES Harold Camping, what Grandpa claims to be, the hag can be seen on top of a garbage bin in the background, before suddenly disappearing. As Grandpa played the video back, he thought that the house was cursed and wanted to move out.
  • In a prank video called The Hag Prank, a friend of Grandpa's called Morgan dresses up as the hag and jumps on Grandpa while he is sleeping.


  • In folklore, a hag is a shrunkened woman that is often found in books like Hansel and Gretel.


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