""Grandpa shares a story from his childhood of the time he was visited by a man in a blue suit..""
— Description

The Man in the Blue Suit[1] is a story video where Angry Grandpa tells the story of his interaction with a ghostly figure, described as The Man in the Blue Suit. This video was uploaded on October 8, 2013 by GrandpasCorner and has over 647,000 views as of May 2018.


Angry Grandpa



Grandpa said many years ago (late 1950's), his great grandfather died. He explained that back then, they would take the coffin in the living room of the house in front of the couch to show the family instead of being in a funeral home. When Grandpa was a kid, he was playing, when a man asked him to get his hat under the house for him. He described him as a very tall man with a long face and blue suit. Grandpa agreed to get his hat, and once he handed the hat to him, the man thanked him and dropped a silver dollar in the child's hand. When grandpa came back in the house, flipping the coin, his dad got mad that he "took" someone's money, and the two looked for the old man, but he wasn't around the house. His grandma asked him what he looked like, and when Grandpa explained what he looked like, his grandma held her hand over her mouth and was shocked to where she left the room. She returned with an album and asked Grandpa if she could recognize him in the photos. Grandpa pointed to a man in the photo, saying that was the man who gave him the dollar. Grandma hugged her grandson and said that man was Mr. Jones, and he was dead for 10 years, buried in that suit. She told Grandpa to save that dollar. He explains at the end of the video that his spirit came to say goodbye to his grandfather, and then vanished. He has never seen the man since that day.


  • Unfortunately, the silver dollar was stolen by a member of the family.
  • There's a bit of skepticism of this story, as the name of the man in the suit is also the name of "The Confederate Soldier" in another story. Most fans assume it's real as the name Jones was popular back in those days.
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