The Moch Family

The Moch Family is an unknown family known to be appeared in "GHOST HUNTING W/ KIDBEHINDACAMERA "100% REAL".uploaded to Mcjuggernuggets. The Moch family were the previous owners of the new house that Michael Green and Bridgette West lived. An example of the family is Elijah Moch who died at 11 yrs.


This picture (Along with other paranormal pictures), was founded in the unknown bag that was found in the attic because of the ghost box.

The ghost box kept begging Jesse, Swift, and Michael to go to the attic when they noticed a bag of pictures along with a tape with unknown photo (Which Michael and Jesse were shocked at the tape)

In this Appearance, You can see 4 members of the family. it showed what appeared to be the prototype of Michael's house.


The Picture with a Paranormal orb.


Jesse looking at few pictures in tapes

At that time when Michael rushed down with fear. Jesse and Swift were trapped inside the attic while calling for "Mike" and the ghost box was playing the so-called "Funeral Procession"

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