The Newtown Elementary School Shooting

The Newtown Elementary School Shooting

"The Newtown Elementary School Shooting" is a short episode of Angry Grandpa, about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday, December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, that took the lives of the 20-year-old gunman, his 52-year-old mother, sixteen 6-year-old children, four 7-year-old children, and six female staff. 


News Reporter: (on TV) Obviously you're collecting more information as this story unfolds.

Angry Grandpa: (holding back tears) 20 children, man. (Pickleboy pats him on the back) It ain’t right, man. Those kids, man, those kids…. were in their classrooms, they were drawing pictures of “Frosty the Snowman”! Christmas trees, Santa Claus!

Little Girl: (on TV) Because we're like right near the window in our classroom,…


Little Boy: So, we ran out. There was police about every door. And they- (cut off by Angry Grandpa)

Angry Grandpa: No, no, this is too much, man, I just….’we heard lots of bangs and screaming’.

Little Boy: ….and then we ran down to the firehouse…- (cut off again)

Angry Grandpa: 19 kids, man, 19 kids! Are dead! Why?, because some idiot with a gun, kills his mother n’ then goes to the school…. (stops to wipe tears from his eyes before continuing) ….What is it in? What is wrong with people these days? (pauses again) Those kids did not ask for this! And, thing is, it’s gonna happen again!

(another jumpcut before Angry Grandpa continues)

Angry Grandpa: Your brother! He might be on’na these assholes with a gun! You never know! But if you think so, report ‘em! Get 'em checked! Then don’t have anymore dead children!.... (briefly pauses to catch his breath) ….It’s just gotta stop, people, and it’s gotta stop with YOU!


Angry Grandpa: I got four grandchildren myself! What if it was one of THEM?! What if (unintelligible) go to that damn school?!.... (pauses to collect self before continuing) ….what if I had to go to pick their bodies up…. (unintelligible) ….it ain’t right, people, just….


Angry Grandpa: Their parents, man, they’ll never celebrate Christmas anymore, Christmas…. (unintelligible) ….now is gonna be, for the rest of, rest of, forever, it’s ruined, no more Christmas, ‘cuz….’cuz their own kids, man, can’t be there to enjoy it because of some FUCKING…. (tries to remain calm) ….some piece of shit, Adam Lanza! (pauses to remember his reported age) a….22-year-old kid with a gun! (NOTE: Adam Lanza was actually only 20, not 22) What is he doin’ with a gun?!


Angry Grandpa: Only in America, ONLY IN AMERICA! You go to school and get your ass, get your, get your child killed! Or go to the mall and do your Christmas shoppin’, and get killed! (referring to the Clackamas mall shooting three days before Sandy Hook on December 11, 2012) Because we let nuts carry guns around here!


Angry Grandpa: Ugh, a 22…. (unintelligible, gets up and lifts the TV)

Pickleboy: Hey, HEY! Calm down!

Angry Grandpa: (babbles incoherently while violently shaking the television and Pickleboy tries to get him to put the television down)

Pickleboy: HEY! Look at me!

Angry Grandpa: (furious) I’LL LOOK AT YOU, OKAY?!

Pickleboy: Let’s calm-look at me, hey, those kids are gone, this is not the time or the moment where you wanna be screaming- (cut off by Angry Grandpa)

Angry Grandpa: SHUT UP!

Pickleboy: You don’t wanna scream about it.

Angry Grandpa: You’re right, I don’t, but I’ll TELL YOU ONE THING….

Pickleboy: Let’s go for a ride. (they leave the house and head towards the car)

Angry Grandpa: When I get my hands on that son of a bitch….

Pickleboy: Look at me. All ya can say….

Angry Grandpa: All I can say is….go away.

Pickleboy: Uh, no, you know, look at me. Just say rest in peace to the kids and that’s it.

Angry Grandpa: (hesitates) Rest in peace, kids.

Pickleboy: Merry Christmas.

Angry Grandpa: (stutters before finding words) ….and, gunman, burn in hell….

Pickleboy: Let’s go for a ride. (they head toward the car for a ride and the video ends)


  • This is one of the most serious and emotional Angry Grandpa videos to date.
  • Angry Grandpa mistakes Adam Lanza's age for 22, when he was actually 20.
  • A video was directly uploaded after this on the KidBehindACamera channel titled "Newton, CT School Shooting" where it ended with Angry Grandpa saying to his grand kids "I love all you boys".
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