The Nursing Home Prank is a episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on April 9, 2012.



The video starts with Michael detailing his plans to prank Grandpa on Easter. It then cuts to Grandpa, Michael and Bridgette in the car, who make Grandpa think they're heading to the Substation. However, after they pass by the Substation, Michael reveals their true plan: Grandpa is heading to a nursing home. Angered and upset, Grandpa asks Michael to turn back and go home. They arrive at the nursing home and force Grandpa out of the car. Michael and Bridgette drive away, leaving Grandpa behind. Sometime later, they find Grandpa walking on the side of the road away from the nursing home. At first, he refuses to get back in the car, but begrudgingly agrees after Michael reveals its a prank.


  • This is the first Angry Grandpa video uploaded on Easter Day.
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