"Grandpa and Pickleboy try the salt and ice challenge.."
— Description

The Salt and Ice Challenge is a challenge video uploaded in TheAngryGrandpaShow on November 6, 2013. But, the video was removed due to unknown reasons.

They also talk about the salt and challenge here on 5:02-5:10.

The link is here but, the video of the link was removed.

A similar video was uploaded to the KidBehindACamera channel in May 21, 2012, where Grandpa and Michael attempts the "ice in hand challenge". It can be found here at 0:58.


This is the screenshot.

In KidBehindACamera's vlog, "GRANDPA'S ASHES WERE STOLEN!", In the comments, KidBehindACamera reveals that he can't reupload it, because "YouTube don't like that video", replying to TheOldMusicsMasters.

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