""Grandpa shares the story of the time he saw The Summerville Light""
— Description

The Summerville Light[1] is a story video where Angry Grandpa explains his personal experience with seeing The Summerville Light. This video was uploaded on October 9, 2013 by GrandpasCorner and has over 222,000 views as of April 2016.


Angry Grandpa



Michael bangs on his father's door to tell him about The Summerville Light. Grandpa explains that him and his friends and their dog went out to see The Summerville Light. They decided to sit out for a hour. Grandpa explains that this is a legend about a railroad track where a conductor would jump off a train when it would slow down to meet his wife who had a lantern with her. One night, the conductor fell off the train, his head went under the track and the wheel cut off his head. His wife found the body, but not the head. Every night, there would be a flicker of a light, and people assume it's her looking for her husband's head. After waiting, Grandpa wanted to go home, when suddenly, his friends spotted a blue light. During this part, Michael scares his father with the LED lights on his camera. When Grandpa saw the light, it went over the truck they were in, and cut off the power. The dog suddenly started groaning with every hair sticking up. The light supposedly stood there for 5 minutes. The light suddenly vanished and the truck cranked. Grandpa says now he has seen The Summerville Light. Michael scares him one last time asking if he's seen his husband's head. Grandpa angrily goes inside and tells Michael to go home.


  • The railroad tracks no longer exist today.
  • Angry Grandpa supposedly said he wasn't drinking or smoking marijuana at the time of this incident.
  • This is actually a true urban legend in Summerville. The article is here[2]
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