After Tina divorced Angry Grandpa, she was living in her own trailer. Angry Grandpa volunteered on his own and forced Michael on the 4th of July weekend of 2012 to move some of her furniture and personal items into the trailer since Angry Grandpa wanted her out of his own trailer in the worst way. The known items they helped move were Michael's old twin sized bed, a laundry basket, and Michael's Harry Potter poster. It is not known who made the deposit for the trailer, but Angry Grandpa said he had to put down a $450.00 deposit to get the electricity turned on. However, Angry Grandpa was upset when he found out that SCE&G did not have the electricity turned on, which meant that Tina would have to stay in his trailer for at least one more night until her electricity and water were turned on. Angry Grandpa claimed that the next day, water or no water, lights or no lights, Tina would have to move out. Angry Grandpa had his own key to the trailer to move some of her items into it. It is not known what happened to the trailer.


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