Not to be confused with Angry Grandpa's former neighbor.

Tina Marie Sharp Green (born January 4, 1964), often referred to as Grandma) is Angry Grandpa's ex-wife and mother of Charlie, Michael, Jennifer, and Kimberly. She is sometimes referred to as "Angry Grandma" by Michael. She was the main antagonist turned tertiary antagonist of the series.


Tina was frequently seen in the beginning of the 2008 to 2012 batch of Angry Grandpa videos, and made sporadic appearances in the 2013 to 2015 batch of videos. She's often been subject to verbal and even some very minor physical abuse from Angry Grandpa, mainly due to her feeding the cats, much to Angry Grandpa's hatred. Another cause of the abuse was her being irresponsible with money, and spending it on her obsession with Elvis. She's a main person in the family, but has had some fairly minor roles throughout her appearance, usually sitting on the couch or sleeping. She also assisted Michael with his pranks several times. She divorced Angry Grandpa after years of verbal abuse and disrespect, as indicated in the video Angry Grandpa Is Single, where Grandpa states that he is glad that Tina is gone. Afterwards, she lived alone in another trailer in Summerville and her son Michael would invite her for dinner sometimes. She has a cat named Princess. She had a boyfriend named Gerald, however, they broke up. After Gerald, she had another boyfriend, who, according to Grandpa, is a crackhead. On one occasion, Tina left her daughter Jennifer's kids with him. After Grandpa noticed, he intervened and picked them up, vowing to never have them around her again.

In August of 2015, she moved closer to Kimberly and her granddaughters in New York. There are more videos of Tina on Kim's channel, The Pratt Pack.

In 2018, she moved back to South Carolina into Angry Grandpa's house with Jennifer & her grandsons.


  • Loved feeding cats that lived under the trailer.
  • Has been victim to some of Michael's pranks. (Thanksgiving Vomit[1], Sex Walk-In's[2][3][4], and Shower Pranks [5] and [6].)
  • Frequently would leave and go to New York to visit her daughter and get away from the abuse, leaving Angry Grandpa in a horrible mood. In one video he is forced to paint the walls in order for her to come back.
  • Never had too bad of a reaction to Angry Grandpa destroying the house.
  • Tina is 14 years younger than Angry Grandpa.
  • She also loves cats much to the disappointment of Grandpa.
  • Was usually one of the main causes of Angry Grandpa's outbursts and fits of rage from 2008-2012. She would anger grandpa by feeding leftover food to the cats under their old trailer, not paying bills and using the money on Elvis collectables, refusing to work more hours to supply more income for the family, playing along with Michael's pranks as well as her lazy and sometimes ignorant behavior.
  • Loves things that Angry Grandpa hates, such as Elvis Presley and cats.
  • She is a huge fan of rocker Elvis Presley, and has sometimes spent money that was supposed to be for bills on Elvis memorabilia, much to Angry Grandpa's infuriation.
  • Once fell asleep with a new puppy, which ended up shitting right on her back while she slept. The poop could have possibly had dead worms in it, had they given the dog its worm medication before hand.
  • Would sometimes stand up to and address Grandpa angrily, such as when he sold her Elvis newspaper, or when he accidentally broke her Elvis clock, or when he threw away her Elvis picture.
  • She and Grandpa divorced in 2012, after thirty years of marriage filled with disrespect and verbal abuse directed at her. She said they divorced because he had received panties from female fans in the mail and called them all "whores." Her take on their divorce in a video called "Grandma Sets the Record Straight"
  • Grandpa has stated in a few videos the only reason they got married was because she got pregnant in the early 1980s. This could explain why Grandpa was always disrespectful to her and why they had a poor sex life.
  • Recently dyed her hair, removed her tattoo and overall, changed her appearance since her old look reminded her of her marriage with Angry Grandpa too much.
  • Played along with Michael whenever he asks her to assist him in his pranks on Angry Grandpa in the earliest videos. Apparently disregarding possible physical, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse from Angry Grandpa later on.
  • Her grandsons refer to her as "Nanny".
  • She hardly ever appears in any videos now, so it's speculated that she is having a new slice of life, she will still sometimes appear with Michael and Bridgette, but nothing else.
  • She had a new boyfriend named Gerald after she divorced, which made Angry Grandpa so happy he threw a celebration in this video:
  • On the Angry Grandpa Lights Out videos, Tina was given money to be spent on a light bill but thought it was for Christmas shopping, in which everybody kept telling her that she's dumb and should be freezing.
  • In a recent video with Michael on his KidBehindACamera channel, Tina said she and Gerald are no longer together because he "hit and run", meaning he was only with her for sex and took off after he lost interest in her. She said she'll be more careful with who she dates in the future and warned other females not to make her mistake.
  • In the video she also said she will be uploading her own personal videos, meaning she may start her own YouTube channel or post them on Michael's.
  • In Angry Grandpa's six part video series of Michael, Michael tried to get Tina in trouble for touching him and he called the cops and she went to get a gun to use on the cops to get arrested or shot. In the end, Michael was arrested and sent to jail for causing the trouble.
  • Even though she got verbally abused by grandpa in most of the early videos, fans kept telling her that she's stupid, she deserves to die, she's ugly, and she is a whore.
  • On a radio show in January of 2014 Grandpa and Michael explained why they divorced. They claimed she had some sort of bipolar disorder and she treated her family like garbage and made numerous false accusations about Grandpa and Michael, and has since tried to make Grandpa's life Hell. The entire show about the story can be heard here
  • Michael claims that when he moved into his new house from his apartment, he never gave her his new address or his phone number as he no longer wants to keep in contact with her.
  • She recently participated in a prank with Michael making Grandpa think that she is moving him with him for a few days, causing Angry Grandpa to throw a huge fit and break his TV with a baseball bat.
  • It also seems Tina has somewhat straightened out or worked out her problems with Michael since she participated in the prank, though Grandpa still has disdain for her.
  • After her Divorce, She smashed a picture of Grandpa's Mother, Ripped up tax papers, Set up fliers all over Charleston and Wrote a lie on the back on Grandpa's old car.
  • It appears she has gotten back onto good terms with Michael, as she appeared at Kim's wedding with him and they seemed to have repaired their relationship, at least to a certain extent.
  • While on STFU and Listen, Grandpa says that when Michael was young, a pot of hot tea went all over him, seriously injuring him. Michael claims that Tina is responsible for it happening.
  • According to Kim, when Charles, Jennifer, Kim and Michael were growing up, Tina used to throw stuff on the road, once she tied a bike to the back of Grandpa's car which later ended up damaging the car.
  • Forgot to get Michael lunch while he was at summer school, Michael, however, got someone else's lunch and said "thanks for the lunch mom" when he got back home, while Tina was staring at a pile of burning leaves.
  • Tina was 18 years old when she and Angry Grandpa had Charles III. Also, Tina was 19 years old when she and Angry Grandpa had Jennifer. Tina was 21 years old when she and Angry Grandpa had Kim. Lastly, Tina was 23 years old when she and Angry Grandpa had Michael.
  • At one point, when she eventually died, she wanted to be cremated and have her ashes spread during the first snow of winter. She then later changed her mind and stated that she will be giving her body to science, upon which Angry Grandpa stated "Yeah, they'll say what the fuck is this shit?"
  • Her and Angry Grandpa stayed friends after the divorce. It is doubtful that they were friends right after the divorce, but it is known that they were friends for some period of time, likely starting when she moved to Syracuse.
  • In May 2018, she moved back to South Carolina.
  • In a vlog she revealed that she is a Wiccan. However, in more recent vlogs she's been seen wearing a cross necklace. It is unknown whether she is still a Wiccan or if she went back to being a Christian.


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