Trailer Park Boy is a minor character of TheAngryGrandpaShow. He is one of the neighbouring residents at Angry Grandpa's trailer park.


Little is known about him except that he is a resident at the trailer park that grandpa lives in. He is one of the kids that robbed Angry Grandpa on Halloween.



  • Angry Grandpa calls him Michael's cohort.
  • Angry Grandpa knows him as one of the neighbourhood hoodlums.
  • He was in two pranks of The Angry Grandpa Show.
  • Used Angry Grandpa's hammer to smash his phone.
  • His got quite the attitude as the fans say.
  • Even though he is under age according to Michael.  Grandpa throws a lit cigarette at him.


    • "I don't have to know you"
    • "Don't think I care"
    • "I'm the man who destroyed your phone"
    • "Is there a remote around here?"
    • "Turn on the tv boy."
    • "Where did you get that axe?"
    • "Come sit down and watch a movie with us"
    • "Give me some GOD DAMN CANDY!!"
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