VOICE ACTIVATED TV PRANK! is a video where Pickleboy pranks Angry Grandpa into believing that his TV is voice activated when it is really just Pickleboy's Android.



Pickleboy asks his father if he knew that his TV could be voice activated. He tries proves him correct by telling him to say "TV, Turn on!". After Angry Grandpa yells this command out several times, it does not comply. Pickleboy does the same thing and it turns on the first try. Pickleboy tries to convince Angry Grandpa that it can also turn to channels and control volume. While having no luck, Angry Grandpa keeps shouting out "CHANNEL 37!"

Eventually he yells out profanities but to no avail. When the TV turns off unexpectedly, he throws one of the remotes at the window, narrowly missing the set. Pickleboy continues to use his Android system to prank Angry Grandpa by turning off and on the TV.

Gullible Grandpa calls the cable company asking them about their voice activating system, but they state they have no such thing. Angry Grandpa gets his way by telling the TV to turn up/down and change channels (which is just Pickleboy using his phone to control the system).

Angry Grandpa notices Pickleboy acting suspicious and asks him what he is doing. He says he is calling someone, to which Grandpa tells him to give him the Android. When he finally learns the truth, he goes "you motherfucker." He tries to destroy his TV with a vacuum cleaner, but fails, instead asking his son to get the "real" activator.

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