AG V Spider

Angry Grandpa moving away to avoid catching Vagina Spiders.

A Vagina Spider is mostly a concept made by Angry Grandpa that explains that a vagina spider resides in older women that tend to be worn out.


The origin of the term "Vagina Spider" remains unknown. The word "Vagina parasite" can albeit be traced back to the 1990s. Grandpa started using the word in videos around 2009.

The term started gaining traction in the late 2000s on Youtube.[1]


He says that vagina spiders are from a cobweb coochie box, and at night, they crawl out and try to bite you, hence explains why he says there's red marks on him.

He uses Tina as a prime example of a vagina spider. he also says it whenever Pickleboy asks "You got bed bugs?" when AGP scratches, and he will just reply "Vagina Spiders" while scratching.


  • It is proven that Vagina Spiders can bite through rubbers according to Angry Grandpa.
  • Giant knives are the best weapon to kill them.
  • The term is likely a reference to the parasitic Crab Louses and Scabies from sexual intercourse.
  • Angry Grandpa tends to use Vagina Spider as a slang to argue with females such as Tina and Bridgette.
  • Angry Grandpa has a huge fear of catching a Vagina Spider.
  • Vagina Spiders can also be found on women's hair. One case is Tina in the Grandma Won't Leave video.


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