The van thief is a minor character that appeared two times on The Angry Grandpa Show.  He was having a yard sale selling various CD's and Christmas items.  He worked alongside Michael to prank Angry Grandpa.  He shorted Angry Grandpa $19.00 in change when he was purchasing Christmas cards that only cost $1.00.  He claimed that Angry Grandpa had only given him $1.00 instead of the alleged $20.00.  Later, when he was saying that he was going to his van to get Angry Grandpa his change, he stole Angry Grandpa's van and kept the $20.00.  After going to the nearest trailer where Michael and Angry Grandpa thought that he lived, the occupant had no idea who the van thief was.  He returned a few minutes later, giving Angry Grandpa his $20.00 back, and bringing his van back too. Two years later, he gave Angry Grandpa a ride when the dark blue Ford Focus died.

Angry Grandpa mentions that the Van thief moved out of their home this could be because of boeing or he could have been evicted.


  • "You gave me a dollar, man!"
  • "Let me go to the van and get it, and I'll be right back!"
  • "Ho Ho Santa!"


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